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product-announcement Flinks API Now 6.7X Faster 

A level of Customer Experience never seen before in Canada

Flinks’ technology is now 6.7X faster than it was before. This new level of speed, the most recent achievement of our

product-announcement Flinks now powering accounting automation

Our financial API enables users to instantly synchronize with platforms up to 12 months of official bank statement history in PDF format.

product-announcement Flinks unveils enriched transaction data

Our financial API now returns the richest transaction data available on the Canadian market in order to facilitate automation.


product-announcement Flinks launches Flinks Connect

Ever used Sign in with Google or Connect with Facebook? Discover Flinks Connect, a feature that allows our clients to integrate Flinks faster than their average coffee break.


product-announcement Flinks adds a new Canadian bank to its list of supported institutions

Flinks now enables HSBC members to synchronize their account with finance apps.


product-announcement Flinks launches Know Your Customer, a feature consumers will love

Our new API capability is a powerful, yet user-friendly answer to anti-fraud challenges inherent to online-only financial services.

product-announcement Flinks API now able to retrieve 12 months of transaction history

Our unique ability results from important improvements to our API infrastructure. It also solidifies Flinks as the leading financial data aggregator on the Canadian market.